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Following your treatment, here are some great ways to take care of yourself:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take a hot Epsom Salt bath (2-4 cups in a full tub and soak for 15 to 20 minutes)
  • Stretch gently
  • Maintain awareness and mindfulness in your body
  • Give yourself permission to rest and relax
  • Take a nap or engage in other restful activities such as meditation or deep breathing exercises to further promote relaxation and allow your body to fully integrate the benefits of your massage
  • Eat a nourishing, balanced meal
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least a few hours
  • Take a gentle walk or engage in other light physical activity
  • Book your next massage appointment!

Remember, self-care is an ongoing practice that can help promote optimal health and well-being. By incorporating these self-care tips into your routine, you can extend the benefits of your massage and support your overall health and wellness.

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