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Here are some kind words from happy clients I’ve worked with in the past.
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“Kai is amazing. His technique and know-how are great and make him a real professional. He is a warm and empathetic person, so I always felt comfortable with him. Highly recommended.”
– Serena R.

A truly relaxing and beneficial massage. Kai focussed on the muscles I have issues with but balanced this with massaging other areas, identifying tender muscles that I didn’t realise beforehand needed attention. Looking forward to the next one.”
– Julia E.

My wife and I have been seeing Kai for weekly therapeutic massage for over a year now. The positive impact on our well-being is very evident. In my experience, Kai’s approach engages on multiple levels. I always feel that I’m in safe hands as he works on any injuries, stresses, or enabling deep relaxation and emotional regulation. He understands my needs as they arise. Kai has a wonderful touch. He brings a generosity and sensitivity that is deeply affecting. I feel he really cares.
– Jacob Z.

“Kai is an incredibly gifted masseur, bodyworker and healer and has been working miracles on my chronic back and shoulder pain in just a few sessions. Kai is utterly professional in his approach, allowing me to feel totally safe and secure (as a single woman) having treatment sessions at home, and at the same time feeling really nurtured by his expertise, deep understanding of his work and compassionate, personal approach. I’ve experienced major energetic as well as physical releases during treatments with Kai, doubtless helped by the very powerful – yet gentle – Reiki which he also uses in combination with the bodywork. I feel so lucky to have found him and can’t recommend him highly enough!”
– Zoë M.

“I’ve had lots of massages in my life, and I have tried many styles and many therapists. Honestly, Kai’s techniques, professionalism and all-around experience given during the session are far superior to most. He is a bit addictive, watch out!”
– Silvia P.

“Kai is really tuned in to his clients. He is professional, knowledgeable, well trained and intuitive. He gives a deeply healing, therapeutic massage that leaves you feeling totally relaxed and cared for. I sure wish I were in England right now so I could have another massage from Kai!”
– Julie S.

Kai is a brilliant massage therapist and offers an excellent service. I have had hundreds of massages over the years and Kai is right up there with the best. From the moment you meet with him, it’s tough not to feel a sense of calm come over you – he’s incredibly warm and welcoming and makes you feel at ease straight away. He takes his time asking questions to understand what your physical ailments may be, the purpose of the massage and the areas of the body you would like him to concentrate on – and he carries that through into the massage, striking an excellent balance between giving you the space and peace and quiet to relax, while subtly checking in from time to time to ensure the pressure is as you like it – as he says beforehand, he is extremely open to feedback both during and after and he creates a safe space in which it’s comfortable if you need him to change the pressure or concentrate on a specific area. In my experience however, you really don’t need to, as not only does he clearly take on board what you tell him pre-massage, but he seems to have an innate ability to detect problem areas within the body and spend time working on them with the perfect amount of pressure. And that’s of course if that’s the type of massage you are looking for – if you are simply looking for a blissful, relaxing massage, Kai is your guy too. He’s been doing this for a long while, knows a range of techniques, and practices them all very well. It’s clear he has a passion for what he does, and that comes through in the quality of his craft. Kai has given me several massages over the years, whenever I’m in town, originally at a holistic facility, and more recently during the pandemic, in-home. The quality is always of the highest standard and I have been very impressed at the safety measures he uses during his in-home visits. It’s a convenient, stress-free and safe way to get a massage in the middle of the pandemic, without needing to leave your home. Finally, his rates are very competitive, and for the level and quality of service he gives, the value for money is second to none. I highly recommend Kai and will continue to go to him for massages for years to come.”
– David P.

“I have been amazed at the far-reaching effects that regular massage can have. After just a few sessions with Kai, I have become much more body aware. My back pain has improved tremendously, along with several other physical benefits, but above all, my overall mental health has improved greatly! This has been a very pleasant yet unexpected benefit. Thank you so much, Kai!”
– Emily L.

“I have had many many massages and Kai is excellent. He is very professional and really puts you at ease. Highly recommend you book in!”
– Charlotte F.

“How in the world did he find that knot hidden for 20 years? I never envisioned I would write something quite so esoteric, but I would characterize Kai as a healer. He is one of those rare ‘real deals’ that listens to what ails, finds the root of the issue and then works it out. Literally. I have been fortunate to get massages from some of the best therapists in the world, and Kai is in the top three. Crazy talk, maybe, but also true. Do yourself a favour and get your twisted body over to see Kai ASAP!”
– Sam C.

“I have seen Kai many times. I’m a bodyworker myself and because of this, I’m quite selective, prudish really, about who I allow to touch me. Kai is a person truly dedicated to a craft of service and devotion. A session with him is infused with loving presence and the wisdom of having touched thousands of bodies throughout his professional career. I would recommend Kai to anyone wanting to spend an hour or two experiencing blissful sensations that linger for days beyond your session and color your future endeavors with a tint of aloha.”
– Nich G.

“Kai is very in tune with his client’s needs, which is so important in a massage therapist. I was very comfortable with him during the treatment, and confident in his abilities. I left feeling refreshed, recharged, and healed!”
– Megan K.

“Kai is one of the best massage therapists I have ever encountered, and the first I have ever reviewed. I am a massage junkie, and I am picky! There is a deeply spiritual component to Kai’s massages. I once described it as an extended savasana with adjustments. It’s very grounding. He understands the flow of the chi as it moves through the body, working with it and then magically releasing the excess in the fingertips and the toes. It feels shamanic. To those reading this, Kai will be one of the best massage therapists you will encounter. And don’t go for an hour – you need 90 minutes. Stop at sixty and you will regret not finding the extra 30 minutes. You will not want it to end!”
– Kelly Ann T.

I’ve had the pleasure to receive Kai’s bodywork and to work with him as a fellow therapist for a number of years. His experience and dedication are remarkable, his touch and flow extraordinary. His professional yet approachable style allows everyone to feel comfortable with him. If you’re looking for a great massage, give Kai a call. You couldn’t be in better hands!
– Elena P.

“Kai is a wonderful massage therapist. His professionalism, skill and sensitivity combine to create deeply relaxing and powerful sessions. He has been treating both my wife and I in our home as well as at a local facility for the past year and we continue to be very grateful for his work.”
– David A.

“Kai is truly amazing and so very talented! I cannot express enough how wonderful his touch and massage techniques are. He is HIGHLY skilled, and as a massage therapist myself I am in awe of him and the work that he does. I will now be a very regular visitor! If you want massage incorporating peace, tranquility, self-awareness, relaxation, vitality and nurturing, please visit him and you will NOT be disappointed! I only wish I had found him sooner.”
– Samantha W.

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